A lot goes in to building and managing a football club. At UWANFC there are countless volunteers and staff who put in hard work to help make UWANFC happen. Meet some of the staff at UWANFC below and say hello next time you see them at the game.

Management Committee


Tony Stewart

- Club President
- External Quarterly Board
- Masters Player/Head Coach

Michael Rodrigo 

- Vice President & Administation
- External Quarterly Board
- Kit Manager
- Masters Player Manager


  Joe Gonzalez

- Management Committee
- Juniors Committee
- Mini Roos Technical Director


Joshua Marocchi 

- Management Committee
- Sponsorship Manager
- State League Men's Team Captain

Gerhard Janssen

- Management Committee
- Juniors Committee.
- Technical Director of Coaching (Men's & Boy's)
- State League 18s Team Coach .                                                                                                - Masters Player


Sam Watkins

- Women's Committee
- State League Player
- Student Representative, UWA Sports Council


Tony Dixon

- Treasurer
- Masters Player

Cassandra Greenwell.jpg

Cassandra Greenwell

- Women's Committee
- Captain State Women's Team
- President of UWA Sports Council- Women's Committee

External Quarterly Board

Steve Quantrill

- Chairman External Quarterly Board

Tim Lipscombe

- Founder Joey Soccer
- External Quarterly Board
- Women's Committee
- Women's D Manager

Cardaci, Marcello 2011.jpg

Marcello Cardaci

- External Quarterly Board



Peta Van Heurck

- Women's & Girls Committee
- External Quarterly Board
- Standing Women's Committee                 Football West

David Berg

- External Quarterly Board
- Masters Player


Managers, Age Coordinators, Coaches and Team Managers


Michael Janssen

- Men’s State League 1st Head Coach
- Seniors Committee

Arthur Hiemstra

- Player/Coach Amateur Premiers
- Seniors Committee

Dylan Urquhart

- Seniors Committee
- Website Creator
- Amateurs Player

Kay Christie

- Joey Soccer Manager
- Juniors Committee


Pete Connolly

 - State League Women's Coach
- Women's Committee

Hannah Gregson

- Website Administrator

Rene Lemiere

- Women’s Committee
- Women’s Metro Manager


Jan Jungstedt 

- Men's State Team Manager
- Senior Committee                          


Mike Boley

-  Masters NDV1 Player/Manager


Judd Bogust

- Women’s State League Coach
- MinRoos Coordinator


Mark Lee

- Joey Soccer Technical Support


Vinny Kapur 

- Men’s State League 1sts Assistant Coach
- Junior Boys U16 Coach
- Seniors Committee


Richard Mante

-  Men’s State League Reserves Coach