How can I register? 

You can register for the UWAN 5 A-Side online on the registration page from the 14th of September 2017. See last page, below, for Package to choose once on the registration page. 


When do registrations close? 

Registrations are being accepted from 14th of September 2017 and we expect that registrations will be closed on the 1st of October, as we have only limited fields and, based on the feedback from last season we may have a lot of interest! 

When does the competition start and finish? 

The competition starts on Tuesday 10th of October 2017 and finishes on the 21st of November 2017 with a finals and presentation after the last match. 

Which day will the competition be run? 

Competitions are planned for Tuesday afternoons at John XXIII College Fields, Mount Claremont. Details of which age groups will have competitions organised on which days will be available on our website. 

What Times will the matches be played? 

The fixtures cannot be created until we have closed registrations, however, we plan the draw such that the younger player’s competitions start from the earliest time-slots and the older player’s competitions are in the later time-slots. Kick-off times are from 5pm. 

I am trying to organise a team but do not have enough players yet. What do I do? 

Whether you’re a single player, or a small group trying to get your friends organised, you should register the players that you have ASAP. In order for us to be able to organise kits and prepare the fixtures, we need to have players registered. We will then contact you via email after registration to see what team you wish to be in. As you find more players, get them to register and will we place them in the same team. if you don’t find any more players, we’ll allocate some to you from the individual registrations that we receive. 

Am I allowed to wear running shoes or do I have to wear football boots? 

We have no restrictions on what footwear you play in, so long as you are wearing closed shoes. Football boots with moulded soles are fine (not screw in studs) as are running shoes if you prefer (but we don’t recommend them). You are required to wear shin guards for all games. 

What about the weather. 

Rain is not a problem but we still need to be very aware about lightning. If we believe the weather is too severe then the games will be called off. Games generally will not be called off just because it is raining.