Appointment of Coaching Technical Directors

Your Management Committee is delighted to confirm the appointment of the following football people as UWANFC Technical Directors:

                Mark Lee - Joey Soccer and Mini Roos (player ages 6 to 11).

                Gerhard Janssen  – Junior Boys (player ages 12 to 17) and Men’s.

                Katie Schubert - Girls (player ages 12 to 17) and Women’s.


These appointments reflect  our ongoing commitment to invest in improving our coaches. Thus, ensuring that parents, coaches and players have the best possible experience each year with UWANFC.

Key areas of responsibility include:

·         Adherence to the FFA curriculum.

·         Ensure player development is always paramount whilst promoting a winning attitude.

·         Oversee appointment of all coaches.

·         Regular communication between coaches.

·         Ensure all coaches are receiving ongoing appropriate training in line with FFA and UWANFC guidelines.

·         Regular visits to training and games to ensure all coaches are delivering appropriate. coaching to teams and groups, in relation to their age and/or ability.

·         Deal and respond to all coaching disputes and parent complaints/questions in relation to coaches and coaching techniques.


Mark, Gerhard and Katie are highly committed and qualified to improving players and their coaches. They are all accomplished footballers in their own right-Mark has played for Perth Glory, Katie for Perth Glory Women and Gerhard is a stalwart player for UWANFC Masters after playing in Germany.


They are all approachable and so parents, players and coaches, please do not hesitate to talk to them when you see them around the grounds.