Junior Wrap Up: Week 2

The 17's Girls having their post game talk with coach Matthew Stewart

The 17's Girls having their post game talk with coach Matthew Stewart

The second week of action in the junior leagues was extremely fruitful for UWANFC. All teams have shown tremendous development across pre-season and this coupled with the attitude they all bring forth has reflected in the Round 2 scorelines. There was not one single loss for any UWANFC junior sides this weekend and although it is not all about results, this is a fantastic effort from the junior sides and coaches.

Special mention goes out to our boys 13's side coached by Tristan Taylor and our girls 14's side coached by Chris Mallios. Both sides won for the second week in a row and now sit equal top of the ladder in their respective leagues. This progress is even more significant as they both play in the top metro divisions for their age. Roscoe Thanner's 15's boys and Mark Harris'12's boys have also had fantastic starts to the season with two wins from two games. Well done to all junior sides!

Boys 12's North Division 2
Won 8-0 vs. Hammersley Rovers SC
Goalscorers - G.Johnstone x2, Rawstone x2, Hart, Kim, Jansen, Forlin

Boys 12's North Division 4
Won 10-3 vs. North Beach SC
Goalscorers - A.Teague x3, S.Wilson x3, S.Forlin x2, A.Savundra, H.Nguyen

Boys 13's Division 1
Won 1-0 vs. Sorrento FC
Goalscorers - J.Watkins

Boys 13's North Division 1
Drew 1-1 vs. Subiaco AFC
Goalscorers - B.Brazier-Peaple

Boys 13's North Division 4
Won 4-1 vs. Subiaco AFC

Boys 14's Division 1
No game as they're away on their Singapore trip, game against Westside has been rescheduled. 

Boys 15's North Division 3
Won 3-1 vs. Maccabi SC
Goalscorers - L.O'Loughlin, M.Chroek, J.Smith

Boys 16's Division 3
Drew 3-3 vs. Subiaco AFC
Goalscorers - A.Rowson x2, J.Picart

Girls 14's Division 1
Won 2-1 vs. East Fremantle SC
Goalscorers - A.Dring x2

Girls 17's Division 2
Won 3-2 vs. Beckenham Angels SC
Goalscorers - M.Bates x2, S.Vander Vinne