Junior Wrap Up: Week 6

14 girls coach Chris Mallios instructs his team

14 girls coach Chris Mallios instructs his team

Almost a flawless week results wise for the UWANFC junior sides, as their positive effort and attitude was reflected in this weekends games.

There were some standout performers this weekend; the 12 boys under Mark Harris and Bryce Conway continued their winning ways with Gabriel Johnstone being rewarded for his efforts with a hat trick. The 17 girls also continued a positive stretch of results by winning their fourth game of the season. Positive results were also shown in the 13s and 14s division 1 sides, with the 13s climbing back into the top four with a great team performance. The development side for the 13 boys had a standout performer in Max Osborne-Murphy who scored a hat trick in their draw. Additionally, the 14 girls side returned back to winning ways with the return of their full squad.

Boys 12's North Division 2
Won 7-2 vs. Wembley Downs SC
Goalscorers - G.Johnstone x3, Rawstone x2, Forlin, Van Wyk

Boys 12's North Division 4
Drew 2-2 vs. Whitford City SC

Boys 13's Division 1
Won 4-1 vs. Warnbro Strikers SC
Goalscorers - J.Strickland, A.Schultz, I.Gold, N.Rodgers

Boys 13's North Division 1
Drew 3-3 vs. Quinns FC
Goalscorer - M.Osborne-Murphy x3

Boys 13's North Division 4
Lost 5-1 vs. Whitford City SC
Goalscorer - A.Rowson

Boys 14's Division 1
Drew 2-2 vs. Quinns FC
Goalscorer - A.Frias x2

Boys 15's North Division 3
Won 7-2 vs. Bassendean Caledonian FC
Goalscorers - A.Kirwan x2, S.Logan x2, A.Gregson, M.Wallwork, N.Lockyer-Ward

Boys 16's Division 3
Drew 2-2 vs. Carramar FC
Goalscorers - G.Tjahyadi, A.Rowson

Girls 14's Division 1
Won 3-0 vs. Joondalup City FC
Goalscorers - A.Dring, N.Sharp, E.Willems

Girls 17's Division 2
Won 7-1 vs. Baldivis SC
Goalscorers - M.Bates x5, Quinlivian, Schonell