31 October 2018

UWA Nedlands Football Club (UWANFC) has today confirmed that it does NOT support the proposal by Westside Wolves Hockey Club (WWHC) for the construction of their new hockey facility at Mt Claremont Oval (MCO). UWANFC intends to formally advise the City of Nedlands of its position as part of the community engagement process that is currently underway and reasons for it, which are set out below.

UWANFC is one of the biggest soccer clubs in WA with over 1,700 playing members in 2018. The club caters for male and female players of all ages and abilities and fielded approximately 200 teams in 2018, enjoying some significant success at both junior and senior level. In 2019 UWANFC celebrates its 70th Anniversary.

MCO is one of the club’s four venues, all located within the City of Nedlands’ jurisdiction and each of which is critical to the club’s operations. UWANFC has been using MCO since 2012 and is heavily invested in and dependent upon the facility. MCO is a core facility for UWANFC and is not used merely to handle “overflow” from UWA Sports Park. MCO’s two full size soccer pitches, relatively new and good quality floodlighting, changing rooms, kitchen and store room make it a valued training and Football West sanctioned match day venue and facility for both junior and senior UWANFC teams. MCO was home to ten UWANFC teams in 2018 and is used most days of the week for the 6 months of the soccer season.

Importantly, UWANFC’s access to and use of MCO was agreed with the City of Nedlands when UWANFC had to vacate the Paul Hasluck Reserve on the Nedlands Foreshore in 2011. As part of that agreed plan and as a gesture of commitment to the MCO facility and the City of Nedlands, UWANFC invested $30,000 (one third share) towards the cost of the current light towers at MCO. These lights are available for use by all stakeholders, including the other sporting clubs presently using MCO.

UWANFC considers that should the WWHC proposal go ahead then MCO’s permanently reduced size (caused by WWHC’s fenced compound) and modified lay-out would be totally inadequate for UWANFC’s purposes, let alone its diminished public open space amenity. The proposed new hockey facility would not present any synergies for UWANFC and the remaining open space would be inadequate for even one full size soccer pitch. UWANFC must retain two full sized pitches for both training and match days. UWANFC does not have the capacity at its other venues to manage the impact caused by the loss of two full sized pitches and accommodate the number of teams affected.

UWANFC is supportive of the general principle of improving the quantity and quality of the City of Nedlands’ sporting facilities but not if this in any way disadvantages UWANFC, a club with a long - standing association with the City of Nedlands. The proposal from WWHC, which is based in the Town of Claremont, would have a significant negative impact on UWANFC and other current users of MCO.

UWANFC would only consider supporting WWHC’s proposal if UWANFC was guaranteed access to an alternative facility of at least equal capacity (2 full sized pitches; rooms), quality (including floodlighting) and convenience (ie location). UWANFC has not been provided with any such guarantee nor is it aware that any such facility exists or is planned in the club’s membership footprint.

For the above reasons, UWANFC, as a key stakeholder and user of MCO, does not support WWHC’s proposal.

For further information, please contact:

Tony Stewart


UWA Nedlands Football Club

Email: info@uwanfc.com.au

Mobile: 0448 277 163