Junior Wrap Up: Week 1

UWA Nedlands FC's Junior teams (12-17) had their first league games of the season on the 24th of April. We bring you the results from around the grounds as well as goalscorer and a few words from our Technical Director Gerhard Janssen.

Boys 12's North Division 2
Won 5-3 vs. Carramar FC
Goalscorers - G.Johnstone x3, Hart, Rawstone

Boys 12's North Division 4
Lost 4-0 vs. Morley Windmills SC

Boys 13's Division 1
Won 2-0 vs. Quinns FC
Goalscorers - J.Plummer, N.Rodgers

Boys 13's North Division 1
Lost 7-0 vs. Noranda City FC

Boys 14's Division 1
Lost 5-0 vs. Sorrento FC

Boys 15's North Division 3
Won 7-1 vs. Bassendean Caledonian SC
Goalscorers - M.Wallwork x2, B.Bayly x2, A.Gregson, A.Kirwan, J.Croker

Boys 16's Division 3
Lost 5-3 vs. Olympic Kingsway SC
Goalscorers - A.Rowson, J.Rodrigo, Own Goal

Girls 14's Division 1
Won 3-0 vs. Wembley Downs SC
Goalscorers - A.Dring x3

Girls 17's Division 2
Won 3-0 vs. Wembley Downs SC (Forfeit Win)

Technical Director Gerhard Janssen was pleased with the competitiveness of our junior sides in their first competitive fixtures of the season, but is adamant that with more time their development and teamwork will only improve. 

"After a long pre-season the start of the league was difficult but very well mastered by our teams. Especially the 14's girls under Chris Mallios in Division 1 thanks to a hat-trick from A.Dring against Wembley Downs SC. Roscoe Thanner's 15's boys also performed very well with 9 men to with 7-1 away to Bassendean Caledonian. It overall should be a great motivation for even more effort in every training session."