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Joey Soccer is the perfect way for your child to learn a team sport, make friends and to stay active. Joey Soccer is a school based football program, where registrations come from the school your child attends. Your child will be able to play soccer with their school friends and make new friends along the way.

Joey Soccer has over 1000 children playing from 25 different schools at College Park on Saturday afternoons. It is a small sided game, with the teams playing 5 a side football with simplified rules.
Joey Soccer runs for 11 weeks starting in May each year and the emphasis is very much about fun! Your child's school may well be involved already.

Game information: All players must wear shinguards. They can wear either football boots or sneakers. All registered players will receive a Joey Soccer cap and shirt. They can wear any shorts and socks. It is also advised to bring a water bottle and wear sunscreen. Mouth guards are recommended.